I love teaching needle or wet felting workshops to adults or children from 2 hours in length to 2 days. Please contact me to be notified of upcoming workshops or if you wish to inquire about my availability. I offer a variety of felting topics suitable for beginners to more experienced participants:

Fort smith workshop
Participant made Northern Felted Wall Art-7 hour workshop Summer Splash Art Festival

Northern Felted Wall Art-Teaching my method of needle felting a base and details and then wet felting the project. More details can be added after wet felting.  Emphasis is placed on blending the background and different ways to make trees,flowers, moons and sunsets. Usually participants leave with a large finished wool painting.




little felted bears
Small Needle Felted Polar Bears



Small Needle felted Animals: Little animals such as bears, owls, wolves, etc are made using just wool and a felting needle. This is an inexpensive hobby, though time consuming.




Custom Felted Moccasin Back flaps

Custom Felted Back Flap for Northern Moccasins: As a short introduction to wet and needle felting, or a companion workshop to making moccasins. Making custom back flaps for your moccasins can make them that much more unique and special.  Can be completed in under 2 hours.




Felted Monet Impression Sunrise
Felted Monet Impression Sunrise

Felted Artist Study: To try new techniques or different styles, participants can try heir hand at felted art inspired by a favorite or famous artist. This one is based on Monet-Impression Sunrise.


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  1. I bought one of your bookmarks in Yellowknife over the Labour Day weekend. I am coming back to Yellowknife on Dec 19 and wondering if there would be a workshop I could attend before Christmas. I leave on the 28th.

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